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Hicks closer to becoming UK citizen and further from Australia's problem

Edging closer to the safety of being a UK citizen, the British High Court is making moves to ease the public displeasure of the Australian Government's involvement with David Hicks.

Festering in Guantanamo Bay with the rats and rodents of wardens and watch clockers, Hicks has been acknowledged by the High Court as an actual person. One deemed worthy enough of hearings to have him brought under the British bosom as the Australian counterparts have yet been more than lacking in efforts.

Captured in 2001 for allegedly fighting against US-led marauding forces, Hicks survived only stew for the next four years, basting in juices, ready for an eventual surfeit of charges against his person and actions.

Hicks and his legal team are hoping the hold will remove him from suffering the indignity of a suspect US military commission. A ritual of civil liberty abuse afforded mainly to citizens and nationals of countries greasing up the canals bent over the dining room table with a bowl of peas melting stale butter dollops.

The Australian Government are outwardly and openly neutral about the news. Secretly, they are simmering for a chance to foil any attempts to have their thunder stolen by the UK.

"I think all Australians who get into deep trouble overseas, and are charged, should face those charges and face those charges within that jurisdiction," suspected Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer, lathering his lips and foaming his breasts for another execution.

Ethan Switch

Written on Wednesday, 14 December 2005

The Wax Conspiracy

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