The Wax Conspiracy

Everything mould is food again

Skanks, losers, the hopeless and the indeterminate. The strain of the populace found coughing, spluttering and stinking up the streets and the world in general. Hose these animals down, stick a hard plastic nametag on their chest and watch their eyes glaze over, bile ducts revving into overdrive on the sight of their un-badged brethren. Day after day these two vile creatures meet head on in the governmental offices, both doing the least they can for the day at hand. The line churns on and out with despair to spare. Over by the side are machines ejaculating call sheets for the new line of communists and handmaidens.

So is the current condition of the state of affairs for those without employment in Australia. The amalgamation of the disparate agencies brought together a behemoth known as Centrelink. Tax collection works in many ways and in this form, it serves as the syringe to the needle of the many despondent. The service was crowded the need for new troughs grew. Employment Agencies on government contracts sprouted like magic mushrooms laced with faeces. The needs of the conditioned numerous few stayed suckling at the discharge provided for them and found no reason to venture beyond their pen.

Come July 1 that all changes. The ejaculate will be cleaned up and moved off the site of every Centrelink office and crammed like a roger in the sphincter of the remaining horde of private agencies still left with a contract.

The centre becomes the circumference once more.

Ethan Switch

Written on Thursday, 1 May 2003

The Wax Conspiracy



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