The Wax Conspiracy

Ethanol in the petrol mix, but what of sniffing connoisseurs?

Petrol prices at the bowser continue to make consumers turn and flip up wowsers. Trickling up the steep slopes with cents in their steps, paying to pollute the planet is becoming a considerably taxing excursion.

The crude crisis and the squeezing of the rectum see families consider the option of teaching their children how to siphon. Given the Australian government's move toward increasing ethanol in petrol mixes, they are set to start learning their craft fast.

Ethanol churning plant Shaolhaven Starches considers the Prime Minister's increasing package well endowed with sense as a move to have petrol stations increase the ethanol ratio in their spill.

Reservations and campaigns by motoring groups denounce the active mix. But PM Howard will not take matters lightly, "We don't use the word mandating, however, that is what will probably happen if it doesn't occur voluntarily."

On the tail of such news, Federal Health Minister Tony Abbott subtly hints toward petrol sniffers as rough and rogue hounds that should help families and motorist in search of the pure oil.

"If people want to engage in self-destructive behaviour and they want to sniff petrol, short of having unsniffable petrol everywhere in Australia they're going to be able to get it, if they try hard enough," he said.

The two packets of mints are for after.

Ethan Switch

Written on Friday, 23 September 2005

The Wax Conspiracy

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