The Wax Conspiracy

Blasting caps are high strung eating up bombers on the raisin

Waiting less than a full month, bombers once again brought their shrapnel and terror defied to the citizens and streets of London. Blowing out a few fuses, the few strands of credibility dissipated as the runner up explosions caught themselves near naked under a steaming broth of chicken soup and international pressure.

Capitalising on the recent glare and focus spike billowing from the bombings of July 7, the latest spate of scatterings were prematurely rushed into production. With no real production timetable or chance to accurately gauge audience reaction to the initial run, the bombers were running blind into the storm. Desperate to take advantage of the already present production crews standing in place on the wave of the earlier incidents.

Attacking a double-decker bus as well as three underground train stations, the blasts highlight a severe need in preparation of future uncoordinated terror offensives. Timing and a clear lack of follow up promotion hampering the efforts of many to consider the hastily doffed sequel anywhere near the so very fresh precursor.

Moving more into the specious world of the ludicrous than vicious, the attacks are a clear warning that the double-decker buses are on the endangered list. Or that the Underground system is in need of breathing space afforded only by the wanton acts of amateur demolition experts.

Ethan Switch

Written on Friday, 22 July 2005

The Wax Conspiracy

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