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Big Brother finally evicts housemates, preps for delousing

Closing another excruciating series, the 2006 run of Big Brother ends after 101 days. Perth personal trainer Jamie Brooksby beat off the other contestants to come out as the eventual winner. Right on his heels, Camilla Severi, picking up the runner up mantle.

Despite the late run into short odds following the gobble wobble incident, Severi (alias Camilla Halliwell during her time inside) was edged out in the end. Overall pity and compassion votes garnering only 47% of the final eviction night tally in her favour.

Team efforts in whittling one million dollars in prize money eventuated in $426,000 from the flurry of fines following Brooksby's initial infraction.

Excluded from the finale show, and shunned from being included at all in other Big Brother related flagellation exercises, turkey slapping housemates John and Ashley, otherwise known as Michael Bric and Michael Cox respectively.

The duo's inability to whip up enough of a positive scourge of publicity to ride to the end a likely contributor to their exclusion from the beaming mass. Another being the producers and owners of the show washing their cream sticky hands of the affair and wiping their hands on the other side of the bed.

David Graham rode third spot on the ever sinking dais of the show.

Minute timers counting this year's player's fade into hopeful obscurity began trickling in earnest.

Ethan Switch

Written on Tuesday, 1 August 2006

The Wax Conspiracy

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