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Bali nine brawling head-to-head with Bali blast

Freshly ground from the rubble of recent past, and dodging the lines of Pakistan's recent attention grabbing blast, Indonesia's little Bali attempts to bring back the title of focus.

Running dual duties, the case of the Bali IX (or Bali 9 (or Bali Nine)) and the investigation into the smoldering Bali blasts (days away from making a complete circle over last year's explosions).

Ringleader of the drug operation, 24-year-old Sydneyslider Myuran Sukumaran and one of the alleged mules and Brisbane's own, 20-year-old Michael Czugaj spent their faces in court today.

Meanwhile, back at the cabin...

Federal agent Karl Kent mentions that a team is examining shrapnel and video footage from the scene of the Bali bomb blasts.

Like a boxer in the ring and needing an eyelid removed, the two swings in the Bali corner are at least an erstwhile endeavour to bring back the light to their nation. No slouches they be as they watch the Pakistanis bring in the international eye of love.

Ethan Switch

Written on Tuesday, 11 October 2005

The Wax Conspiracy

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