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Anzac road toll shifts below and beyond the realm

Quiet and the rain left many standing around in the wet honouring the dead of wars long ago and even of those in recent past. No lingering thoughts then for the many who sacrificed their lives in the rise of numbers seen on the nation's road tolls.

Sadly, with the proximity of the Easter calculations taking a swipe at healthy corpses, numbers prove erratic. Enough to even warrant the chasing shadow of arithmetical and statistical analysis.

Proving that not even the solemnity of an occasion such as an awkward long weekend period will distract, the motorists of New South Wales claimed victory as their bodies piled the heap.

As a notoriously quiet period, the three count hit by the state on the menu was quick and impressive. Even a lone teen was encouraged to clip the statistics, but wasn't involved enough to slip at an opportune time. Adding to the hilarity of the situation, much like the light at the end of a tunnel, a man and cow face-off added to the total of four for the first state.

Taking on the rolling numbers of truck incidents, a man from South Australia helped that state avoid a null period for the section of the calendar. Same cannot be said for a Queensland contestant as he narrowly escaped the flames of his exploding truck. The Sunshine state down from two of last year's efforts.

Even with the ACT, Northern Territory, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia rounding out the bottom with a severe lack in state participation, numbers were on the whole up from 2005.

Ethan Switch

Written on Tuesday, 25 April 2006

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