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Perchance to Shave: Part 3 - Bic Razors: the cheap end examined

I'd only glanced at these razors because the cartridges for a major brand were absent from the shelves. Being friendly with many staff in many stores, I was informed that they were a prime target of deadbeat shoplifters, and so their removal was for "valid" reason. At any rate, 5 of these razors cost me under $4, which is a bargain compared to the cartridge based varieties.

I'd until now, assumed that with the cheapness came a sub-par shave. Despite only sporting two blades, I can assure you, with this razor comes a damn slick shave. No aloe strip; just smooth plastic which doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. No rash to speak of, only one cut too; but right on the Adam's apple which makes me cringe just thinking about how close I have come to slicing open my windpipe and dying on the bathroom floor. But this is hardly the fault of the razor.

It's lightweight; built for speed; speeds that I'm not used to. It's also very easy to manoeuvre but there's a little difficulty in visibility and accuracy. It's easily cleaned and maintained; rinse, slam the cap on, and put in a drawer until next time. It was almost too easy.

In the words of The Girl: "It's pretty smooth... but it's been smoother... and you missed that bit... and that bit... what'd you do to your neck?"

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Jimmy Weasel

Reviewed on Tuesday, 10 December 2002

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