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Perchance to Shave: Part 2 - The Schick Xtreme

Initially disappointed by "clever marketing" (which I discuss later) and baffled by odd spelling, I wasn't expecting a terribly great shave from this razor. I'm used to another breed of sharpness combined with greasy aloe.

It's always the aloe and the first time any razor with an aloe strip is used, it leaves a slimy film. But not so much with this particular blade. As is the way with razors involving disposable cartridges, some are normally included.

Needless to say I felt moderately ripped-off when I realised "shaver plus 2 cartridges" meant only 2 cartridges in total were included. I naturally assumed one would be attached to the handle to begin with. But no such luck.

The Holder itself is more than moderately flimsy. I think it's supposed to stand upright but becomes dangerously top-heavy and topples in the slightest breeze. Being most efficient at holding the razor when horizontal renders it completely useless, but I keep it next to my razor for no known reason. The shaving itself wasn't an unpleasant experience.

Although I had, earlier in the week, found myself run out of shaving soap, I borrowed my dad's to facilitate the lathering process. The soap and whiskers were surprisingly tricky to get out of all three blades in between scrapings; a simple swishing in the basin would not clean it thoroughly. I needed to blast the bugger out with the tap. No real fuss though, and the aloe strip never really gave me any trouble with excessive stickiness; leaving me feeling smooth and moist. No rash for this chin.

The whole shebang isn't terribly flexible, so a little head tilting and skin pulling is required to get all the tricky bits. And I only cut myself three times. The blades really dug in, so I found the razor coming to a complete stop before I could do any major damage. It is a mistake to try to continue shaving when you can feel a sneeze building. But the results are smooth and as yet, rash free.

Quoting The Girl: "it's smooth... in both directions. And you didn't botch up your sideburns."

Or words to that effect.

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Jimmy Weasel

Reviewed on Saturday, 7 December 2002

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