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Perchance to Shave 4 - Disposable Gilette (twin + aloe)

Initially disappointed by not finding disposable cartridges for its triple bladed counterpart, the Gilette twin blade was the next natural choice of shaving steel. The curious thing about these razors is that the head is detachable from the stick; curious because they're sold in bags of five in completeness. This means that there is no reason to be detaching the top of the razor, unless an inquisitive nature gets the upper hand.

Theses blades are tremendously sharp; slicing away more hairs than imagined at first. Cleaning was after every second stroke of the razor, making shaving an effort. While sharp, this razor is not entirely accurate and does not conform to facial contours.

The aloe strips oozes without control or concern for the stickiness of the victim who can then do nothing but wipe off the excess. These are by far one of the more annoying razors to clean. Really blasting the bugger out with the tap on full stream is the only solution.

This razor does excel, however, at regions south of the chin. The neck & throat region are deftly shorn, but by the time it took to get down there, the soap had to be reapplied as the existing lather had dried out. An easier cleaning version of this razor would be great for preventing such things.

It was a very smooth shave, but such smoothness was hard earned. The Girl said "pretty smooth; not quite the smoothest, but it's up there... wait... .you missed a bit... there... and there... and one over here..."

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Jimmy Weasel

Reviewed on Tuesday, 17 December 2002

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