The Wax Conspiracy

Feulling the fossil sump-pumpers & Jerky-knee-syndrome

In the brighter days after wide publications of a "clean" hydrogen car, the papers are now riddled with diseased articles about petrol and how the consumer is being ripped off. Aspersions are being cast at those who "water down" the petrol with an ethanol solution and the manufacturers of bowsers just aren't going to honour warranties for bowsers damaged as a result of this practice. It seems anything to overshadow the genesis of a newer, cleaner earth.

In news from abroad, "Dubya" (as the greater western press knows him) has not ruled out the use of nuclear weapons in his conquest to forever be etched into the history book as the man who stole both elections and lives. Not just in Iraq, but on any country who uses "weapons of mass destruction on the US or any of its allies". Looks like a bold move, but most people aren't in these parts of the world and it's as yet unknown whether or not these people care about it as much as sports or beers or whathaveyou. At any rate, the world is at a slow demise; salinity, war, destruction, grief, ennui, depravity and references to Miller.

In other news, take a look at this cute chimp.

Jimmy Weasel

Written on Friday, 13 December 2002

The Wax Conspiracy



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