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Weight-lifting Gloves (Clara Trading Company - Product #CTC-275)

These gloves are designed with a single purpose - prevention of blisters while pumping the iron. They are not intended for any other task. They will not make you run faster, lift more, or appear larger. They are not to be used when challenging someone to a duel or even demanding satisfaction from all who serve to insult you.

They will not work well in the batting cages to deaden the shock of a ball flying onto your bat at 75 miles/hour. This is because the finger of the glove extends only to the first knuckle. As a result, dull shock may/will occur.

The same goes for wearing to prevent "cold hand syndrome" while drinking frosty Jamaican beer. The fingertips are left exposed and in a direct contrast to the thoroughly padded palm, these digital extremities feel twice as cold.

Holding a dumbbell (this is a left glove review), there was no sign of the sweaty palm that I was used to. The glove actively mops up sweat and prevents hideous and embarrassing gym accidents (accidents related only to gripping—they will not prevent strain-induced intestinal explosions) by maintaining a non-slip grip at all times. Truly, they are built to avoid heat and sweat creation—stretched from the (aforementioned) first knuckle to just under the heel of the palm, just above the wrist where it's all held together with velcro.

The fingers, however, are not completely hemmed. The pseudo-leather side is, but the lycra side is left unguarded against the fraying powers of nature's elements. Maybe muscleheads don't care about that kind of thing, and if they don't, it explains a lot about stupid goddamn muscleheads.

Nor was there any sign of blistering at any point. Given that the arm, wrist and shoulders will become fatigued as normal, the glove prevents the unsightly blistering and eventual callous buildup on the palm from repetitious gripping on a rough bar.

The gloves do the job they're intended, and in almost a fashionable manner. Once you're done, squeeze them out and give it one more set.

Jimmy Weasel

Reviewed on Wednesday, 1 December 2004

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