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Sudden death; Sydney Kings vs Melbourne Tigers - 2005/06 NBL Grand Finals: Game 3 - 28/02/06

Darkness is the Kingdome. Spotlights roam around and the cheerleaders and dancers sparkle on the floor. Late for a weeknight in the city, tip off is thirty minutes behind the ticket time.

Reviewed 1 March 2006 under Shattered Bones of the Physical Dream: Sport

High in protein; Sydney Kings vs Townsville Crocodiles - Entertainment Centre - 03/10/05

Flies. Damn flies. Spring isn't here until the incessant insects are back out in force. Waiting in line at the box office, they make sure the people know it's coming up close to summer.

Reviewed 4 October 2005 under Shattered Bones of the Physical Dream: Sport

Skinning The Sydney Kings Lion

Strutting the stands and feeding the fans with humour, hi-jinx and sheer top class entertainment, the Sydney Kings Lion is a lion's lion. With a similar vocal construct as Humphrey B. Bear, the interview with the mascot was handled in part with his go-to-guy, one Noel Dona.

Published Friday, 22 October 2004

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