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Sentimental (White Feathers)

I've always stated that I'll know that I've made it in life when I own an argyle fez. However, getting fez makers and argyle manufacturers in the same room has been difficult.

Reviewed 18 May 2003 under Oral Pleasure Unlimited

I would like some guacamole on my chimichanga with a casadia of tomato, onion, and vegetables

Being that I have a somewhat spontaneous personality it is not on rare occasions that I do things that could later be described as foolish or idiotic. In fact, I often do things not because I want ...

Reviewed 10 December 2002 under Oral Pleasure Unlimited

Time and a Half

A venture in time for 28 Days Later. The back of the double pass read, "Seating is limited so please arrive early to avoid disappointment."

Published Wednesday, 3 September 2003

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