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ScareFest - Horror and Paranormal Convention 2010

Compose a slithering skillet of the spinal fortitude as 12°C drops a load of ice palms outside before a minor rise to 15°C along and the across the escalators into the Lexington Convention Center.

Reviewed 8 November 2010 under Exhibitions, Expositions and Events

The Hills Have Eyes - 2006 remake directed by Alexandre Aja

Dead doors make for hard entry, the locks open in their own special way and the eyeballs inside the projection room appear only after a near incident leads to burning down some canisters.

Reviewed 26 March 2006 under Film and DVD

Hide & Seek

De Niro. He scares the jesus out of me more than Walken and Lugosi combined into one jesus-scaring zombie hybrid. On the surface, he's this cuddly bear of an old man.

Reviewed 27 February 2005 under Film and DVD

The Village

Scary film? Only if you're scared by films. Or by malevolent ideas. The Village is another film by the guy that sent shivers up my spine in that part of Signs when that creepy alien sillhouette ...

Reviewed 5 September 2004 under Film and DVD

Horror Express

I originally bought this DVD as a going away gift for Jimmy when he was making his way to Africa. I presented it to him at a friend's New Year's Party and I think he could automatically tell how ...

Reviewed 20 July 2003 under Film and DVD

The Ring

Initially, I was expecting this film to be a little X-Files; investigate a mystery and see what's killing the kids. A few minutes in, I likened it more to Denzel's Fallen; the investigator(s) had ...

Reviewed 16 November 2002 under Film and DVD

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