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Che: Part Two: Guerrilla

Spluttering up a mean dose of determination, the lungs give out as the back of the throat cakes over with a dusty and dry void. And the asthma strikes again.

Reviewed 13 September 2009 under Film and DVD

Che, Part One: The Argentine

Che: Part One is sandwiched between Ernesto “Che” Guevara’s first meeting with Fidel Castro in Mexico, in which Guevara joins the 26th of July Movement that eventually overthrows Batista’s ...

Reviewed 6 September 2009 under Film and DVD

The Mind Is The Water (Festival At Camperdown Park - Newtown - 10/11/02)

Sunday the 10th of November, was a day of savage, savage contradictions. I don't actually know what that means or what it could be referring to but I scribbled it down on a piece of paper when I ...

Reviewed 11 November 2002 under Exhibitions, Expositions and Events

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