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Electrelane - September 24th - @Newtown

Kiosk are on stage first.
Kiosk sound like 80's underground noise/punk.
Kiosk make me regret the fact that way too few people turned up to see Kiosk.
Kiosk also released a single on a record called Growing Pains, which I purchased.
Kiosk are old-school like that - the record thing, I mean.
Kiosk are also pissing me off because now I gotta go downstairs and fetch my record player so I can listen to this fucking thing.

Love of Diagrams are on stage next.
Love of Diagrams are, I'm certain, wearing the same clothes that they have every other time I've seen them.
Love of Diagrams rarely play instrumental songs anymore.
Love of Diagrams are still writing good songs but, seriously, I wish there'd be more instrumentals.
Love of Diagrams are, however, still amazing live.
Love of Diagrams mention new album to be recorded in December and released early next year.

Electrelane are the third and last band.
Electrelane waver between beautiful instrumentals and Stereolabish songs.
Electrelane sound punchier and rock harder live than they do on record.
Electrelane's Verity Susman kept looking and smiling at the crowd whenever they cheered as if amazed by their enthusiasm.
Electrelane then encored, but I always knew they would.
Electrelane had the decency to sell me copies of Axes and The Power Out. I already owned the latter but had given it to a friend as a gift.

Belvedere stole the format of this review from here.
Belvedere also strongly suggests that you buy Edan's new album, Beauty and the Beat.
Belvedere is already regretting this shoddy review.
Belvedere will quote an excerpt of a Primo Levi poem as the footer to this review.

"suns can go down and return.
for us, when the brief light is spent,
there is an unending night to be slept."

Belvedere Jehosophat

Reviewed on Sunday, 25 September 2005

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