The Wax Conspiracy

Water, water everywhere, let's bathe in human waste

Culling of the human race continues on a neck on broken neck slippery pace as the fluid forces of water once again pick up the slack.

The almighty God/Allah/Yahweh, dancing a storm in flowing robes of white, is a supreme being who may not favour the flavours and tastes of Cajun cooking. Saviour of the rich and golden brown stranglers.

Showering in a light of alleged racism and culinary distaste, the results of Hurricane Katrina continue to rocket up spectacular figures with no near end in sight. Floating dead and the refugees of New Orleans are clocking in numbers peering over three thousand with more to be added to the tally.

Efforts from the United States stand triplicate over the endeavour hailing from the lands of Iraq. Over the river Tigris, in a scene of a religious stampede aided by the threat and rumour of suicide bombers, a mere thousand were early knocked down.

No longer the darlings of focus after their now passe Tsunami defeat, residents of Sumatra in Indonesia offered a miserly effort in slinging the dead through the mud. Recent slushes of a torrential rains doing only so much as to wipe away far less than that seen elsewhere around and above the after effects of water rage gone rampant.

Water, water everywhere, let's bathe in human waste.

2005-09-05: Indonesia takes another shot at fatalities only to fail under the elemental rule that air is not water.

Ethan Switch

Written on Sunday, 4 September 2005

The Wax Conspiracy


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