The Wax Conspiracy

sweet dreams, sweet cheeks

[The] meat was succulent, cut into a shape not found in nature and therefore an abomination to be consumed as quickly as possible. This was easy to do as in all these instances the portions are tiny.

(Two red meats, served by oscillation, chicken as the entrée; and a vegetarian option, there more to mollify the meat-eaters – yes, things could be worse).

It could be said that, perhaps, the meat was a little too succulent – and in any case there was always going to be a person who would mention it. It was their job, just as it was our job to roll our eyes and hate them for it.

Naturally, I was on the table with the crackpots – those broken by history, and those just generally broken. Offering best value are the conspiracy theorists with their access to a sincerity and dissociation from reality generally considered

Conversation with these, though, proceeds as per the rules set by three-phase traffic theory. Of particular import is F → S → J*, for how else can you explain the constant bottlenecks and rubbernecking that occurs across the table?

The speeches are not, even now, Englishable, but the intent is clear – love is what holds us together. This is uncharted territory.

* where F = free flow; S = synchronised flow; and, J = wide moving jam.

Belvedere Jehosophat

Written on Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Wax Conspiracy

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