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Kings and Razorbacks in Collective Gouge

The Sydney Kings saw salvation in a desperate game four of the ABC Learning Centres' NBL Championships played out at Sydney Olympic Parks' State Sport Centre Sunday night. Favourites West Sydney Razorbacks looked set to seal their claim of the 5 game series with a home game but failed to clinch the deal. Or so says the gloss of the basketball competition.

An alliance with Ticketmaster7 and the Entertainment Centre mention having "finalized plans to maximise ticket sales if Game 5 is required." Rambling on with "ifs" and words of varying possibility, the site moves a clear hope toward playing out the final game in the larger capacity venue.

In cahoots, the West Sydney Razorbacks. Wildly cocky in expecting to win game 4 and stealing the championship from the reigning Kings, they lost due in no small part to poor field goals and sloppy defence. Announced two days ahead of the night, a shift of the date of the presentation ball to fall outside of the 5 game series, that now renders their performance suspect.

Rivals in the public eye, the Kings and Razorbacks, not so behind shady deals. Feeding from turns of phrase and timely releases posted on their respective sites, the teams might have struck a deal to maximise the amount of money collected in the inaugural 5 game series format.

Ethan Switch

Written on Monday, 5 April 2004

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