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Iraq the party that rocks the body

On a good day the news is quick and quirky. But there hasn't been a good day for news in the past week, more even. In the worst case scenario—as has become evident—it lasts hours on end, repeats endlessly rewording the slightest of prepulp information and contains the hard work of graphic designers and logo manipulators. Glory be had for those being had are the populace denied the normal course of entertainment that fulfills their dreary and meaningless lives.

Not content to commercialise the events into coffee mug catchphrases such as TARGET:IRAQ™, AT WAR WITH IRAQ™ and THE PRESIDENT'S BITCH™, the movement of the coalition troops are represented by models and graphics that would make hard core gamers of real-time strategy cringe. Indeed, the least that they have done is make the war more palatable for the breakfast, lunch and dinner time troughs. The casualties of war should not go to waste, such games as Resident Evil can never know enough realism.

Whatever the real reason for the war the newscasters and directors have proven just how recyclable news can really be when no one is paying attention to the environment or the control of global population. And after all, is that not what Soylent Green can do for you?

Ethan Switch

Written on Thursday, 27 March 2003

The Wax Conspiracy



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