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Stuff Happens - Company B - York Theatre, Seymour Centre - 24/07/05

An old man with big glasses breaks the queue in an effort to talk to two young lasses. Never mind those waiting behind. The geezer needs a squeezer and the blonde and brunette are ripe for the ...

Reviewed 26 July 2005 under Stage Antics and Theatrics

Breast cancer awareness raises prostate stakes

Coming all over the extremely recent news of Kylie Minogue's breast cancer diagnosis, the return thrust and throbbing of the male ego began in covert earnest across a few different media articles.

Written Thursday, 19 May 2005 under Media and Marketing

Journos to the Capital of Earth

In a quagmire of double talk and worn out images the world is forced to remember yet again that CNN is the news feed of choice. From the looks of things it would seem to be one of the most ornate ...

Written Wednesday, 11 September 2002 under Media and Marketing

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