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Hey! We Don't Make The Yules! - Tripod - The Metro - 02/12/06

Rain on the city streets, people splish-splashing around and heading long into each other with their umbrellas down and for the charge. Partial shock and slight dismay at the fact that Utopia ...

Reviewed 4 December 2006 under Live Music

Strapping Young Lad - 31/10/2003

Forget the opening acts; not because they weren't good, but because they didn't really prepare anyone for the Devin Townsend onslaught. I've never seen the Metro come alive like it did for this man.

Reviewed 2 November 2003 under Live Music

The Slumber Of The Beast (Regurgitator, The Metro, 8/1/03)

I'd seen Regurgitator a few years ago. I think it was after they released their 'Unit' album back in 1997. Well, it's 6 years and two albums later and Regurgitator rocked the casbah once again.

Reviewed 10 January 2003 under Live Music

insanity in a darkened pit (Mayhem, Dungeon, Hellspawn & Abominator 18/9/2002)

Insanity. Or as the Oxford Pocket Dictionary tells me "not of sound mind" is possibly the best way to describe the mosh-pit in a black metal concert.

Reviewed 21 September 2002 under Live Music

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