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Lexington Comic & Toy Convention 2014

Parkinson's Law plays a side game at the 2014 Lexington Comic and Toy Convention. They may have twice the floor space to last year, but when twice the heaving masses turn up to shuffle through the ...

Reviewed 28 March 2014 under Exhibitions, Expositions and Events

Power Rangers Samurai Pasta with Special Edition box

Branded foods like Power Rangers Samurai pasta really digs into the play acting part. Your fleshy character is the big bad of the episode as you chomp down the heads of the Power Rangers.

Reviewed 23 December 2013 under Oral Pleasure Unlimited

Lexington Comic & Toy Convention 2013

Sitting large on a table, a pile of programs wait just outside the field of vision to the entrance. Lining up in the morning shuffles you right in front of it and thus, more likely to pick it up.

Reviewed 31 March 2013 under Exhibitions, Expositions and Events

Lexington Comic & Toy Convention 2012

With no less than five actors from the Zeo Eulerian circle it makes this convention a Power Rangers reunion. Jonny Fairplay is on his smartphone for the entire day and a man with haemorrhoids ...

Reviewed 1 April 2012 under Exhibitions, Expositions and Events

Do Power Rangers Still Exist?

There once was a time when the Power Rangers were all the rage. TV, comics, toys and all sorts of merchandise. They had the market saturated like any other franchise property.

Written Tuesday, 23 December 2003 under Media and Marketing

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