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The hype would have you believe that this film is porn. That it should have been banned. That it should never have been made and its director should have been put in the stocks and rotting ...

Reviewed 21 April 2004 under Film and DVD

The Passion of The Christ

For those who came in late, Mel Gibson relented and subtitles are found throughout The Passion. Unlike Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon though, Chinese wasn't spoken. Instead, Aramaic and Latin.

Reviewed 25 February 2004 under Film and DVD

The Matrix Revolutions

Ambling into the emptied theatre sounded almost like walking into the credits of a Farscape feature film. Alas, that is still to be and instead, the final minutes of The Matrix Revolutions of the ...

Reviewed 11 November 2003 under Film and DVD

Kill Bill: Volume 1

Lone Cub and Wolf and about a couple of other forgotten films are all the samurai fare I've had to date and if pumping jets of blood covering the walls and ceilings were anything to go by, Kill ...

Reviewed 21 October 2003 under Film and DVD

The Wax Conspiracy