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Pepper shred; Sydney Kings vs Melbourne Tigers - Entertainment Centre - 28/01/07

Zone out to the cold sweats, the break into the city is a step off on the station before it all goes underground. After that, time is no longer an ally but a lying, filthy, cheating cur.

Reviewed 30 January 2007 under Shattered Bones of the Physical Dream: Sport

Home on the range; Sydney Kings vs South Dragons - Entertainment Centre - 18/11/06

Pork chops on a sizzling plate and the look of rice stewing in the sauce is enough to break out a plate of vegetables in oyster sauce. Long enough and the people in the toilets start waiting for ...

Reviewed 19 November 2006 under Shattered Bones of the Physical Dream: Sport

Chinatown; Sydney Kings vs West Sydney Razorbacks - Entertainment Centre - 21/10/06

Back streets and alleys feature cobblestones, loose steps and cardboard to walk across. Feel the freezing breeze as the legs crumble and give to one mother of a wind chill.

Reviewed 22 October 2006 under Shattered Bones of the Physical Dream: Sport

Kings and Razorbacks in Collective Gouge

The Sydney Kings saw salvation in a desperate game four of the ABC Learning Centres' NBL Championships played out at Sydney Olympic Parks' State Sport Centre Sunday night.

Written Monday, 5 April 2004 under This Sporting Life

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