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BumbleBeez, SPOD and Some Other Guys Annandale Hotel, 7/5/03

The night started out reeking of adventures, as none of us were too sure how to even get to the Annandale from the meeting point. "I think this is the point where I lamented not turning at ...

Reviewed 8 May 2003 under Live Music

Music to Bomb Blastings With (Peabody et al. - Annandale Hotel - 17/01/03)

Live music really isn't my scene. I'm more at home at home listening to the vocal talents of bands and artists after they've been churned through the production studio to achieve a near blinding ...

Reviewed 18 January 2003 under Live Music

Annandale + Waikiki = ?... Waikiki & Good Shirts & the Beautiful Girls

The Annandale Hotel is an ideal venue. Not too small, not too big, well ventilated and easily evacuated, This House of Music was a good venue for the album launch of Waikiki.

Reviewed 7 October 2002 under Live Music

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