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Watching Campese Go Down In Public

With a mouth like his, David Campese has been making more of his post-career life by being outspoken than whatever the hell he did during his 95 test appearances. Outspoken and clinging to make a face to the younger generation, Campese is getting the royal with a few things looking to take down his head.

Along the line, somebody found the notion that Campese was "forced" to do a walk of shame. Sandwiched between two boards backed by a gambling house. The woman is supposedly carrying humble pie. Beyond the pasty it looks like ordinary quasi-meat. This may represent the gun. Food poisoning can be deadly, and with a comment on the state of UK cuisine, who knows what he was thinking with the words, "forced."

George Gregan re-signed with the Australian Rugby Union for another, possibly final, year. It gives him an extra year to play with the Wallabies and also a chance to notch a few more test matche appearances. If all goes well, ssCampese's record of 101 will fall to Gregan easily. And who cares of second place but that of embittered third?

England coach Clive Woodward didn't care much for Campese presenting him with the BBC's Team of the Year Award. "It's typical of British sport but when you achieve something fantastic, someone tries to make a joke out of it. Sir Bobby Charlton, Sir Steven Redgrave, George Cohen and Princess Anne were there—all of those people could have presented the trophy. To pick a guy, who in international rugby, has got little or no respect, was a bad error of judgement by the BBC."

Ethan Switch

Written on Wednesday, 17 December 2003

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