The Wax Conspiracy

Universe in a Tea Cup, Chickens from the Pantry

Clearly intent on rummaging clean through the refuse of trendy terrorism mentions, newly crowned Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins stepped out on her first day of promotion. A Universe controlled from the United States with nary an eyeball cast upon others of international bread roasting quality.

Turned up for a charge, terrorism players, Jack Roche and Bilal Khazal. Leading up to the voting of Miss Universe, the Australian courts seized on their freedom and pounded them into the court system renewed. With over thirty years since an Australia skull fitted in the crown—the honour being that of Kerry Anne Wells in 1972— it was time to sway the judging. What better bait than a vigil on world safety in a global era.

Taking it in his wavy beard, nine years for al-Qaeda conspirator Roche. A soft punishment seen in the eyes of Jewish leader Joe Gutnick, the maximum of twenty-five years far more suitable to his ire. Then, Khazal, yesterday charged with inciting terrorism, spent last night in Silverwater gaol on remand. Following the confirmation of Miss Australia's ascension to Miss Universe, Khazal slipped out on bail from the snuggle hold of other inmates playing "hide the soap."

Broadcasts of the results show to the Australian audience have in years past been relegated to the middle hours of the weekend slots. Not so in this instance where television guides noted clear in advance the proposition of a prime time schedule knowing full well the results to transpire.

Ethan Switch

Written on Thursday, 3 June 2004

The Wax Conspiracy

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