The Wax Conspiracy

Potato spillover on aisle Seven

Lisa McCune wormed her way into the hearts of the many country hick Australians as Maggie Doyle in Blue Heelers and just like a worm, justifiably expunged following her remarkably bad outing as Ros Marshall in Marshall Law. Collecting four Gold Logies along the way, she's now found solace in the aisles of Coles supermarkets.

Like the stress that straddles her face, Lisa McCune has been led toward the shiny waxed floors of the supermarket aisles that glistens as the forehead of the Potato Factory. In light of this, the honchos seeking to snuff out the competition have followed her life as she spends day after day peeking from behind shelves spying on people comparing the prices of the produce section. The same tactic that Coles, Franklins and Woolworths have been noted of committing in current affairs shows.

If that was satire, then the information left in the other commercials leaves little to seriously inhale.

White coated "technicians" taste test various corn chip dips trying to ascertain whether or not they can fool their own senses between, what from all superficiality, could be seen as in-house brands. So no matter which dip your chip gets a bit from, you're buying from the same company. Do you think they would seriously taste test foodstuffs from competing companies for the sheer enjoyment?

Once, some time ago, cocaine and/or heroin used to be shipped with the aid of coffee beans smuggling the contraband due to the fact that the cocoa threw off the noses of the sniffer hounds. What they might have ended up doing is batching the crack with the sauce to which extraction later on reveals the escape mechanism. To which the little grab revealed too much.

Ethan Switch

Written on Monday, 16 June 2003

The Wax Conspiracy


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