The Wax Conspiracy

Modern Armoury and Ancient Threats

Bodies dropping dead on both the left and right-wing sections of the community mind mean nothing until they see their houses in the nightly news bulletins. And when that happens the calls to security outfits spike and interest is assumed in the wider spectrum of the neighbourhood.

Given to cause for this speculation comes in the light of the gang styled showdowns—which may ultimately turn out to be over late video returns—splattering bullets across the suburbs of South West Sydney. Fear makes for fine motivation and none exists to drive anything better than the home security market.

The residents of the surrounding suburbs have been targeted by marketers, or "the advertising arm", of Modern Security. At least that is the premise of the call. Preying on the stay-at-home crowd, suspicions have been raised as to the legitimacy of it all with the callers asking why certain homes are occupied during the day when others are vacant and nobody is home. Questions also arise as to whether or not the target home is currently covered or surveilled. Respondants who willingly place an doubtful "maybe" on having a representative from the company visit their homes during the night are presented with a day's time in deliberation which is then boiled down to a compressed ten minutes.

Ethan Switch

Written on Wednesday, 22 October 2003

The Wax Conspiracy

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