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I Am Now Defending The Vines

What I understood from this article: Peter Holmes is an idiot and has earned the name 'jerk-pants'.

I understand that The Vines put on a lacklustre performance at the recent Big Day Out and I understand that a lot of people were disappointed. However, his statement that The Vines "had no business using the main arena as a rehearsal room for a slew of slower, supposedly artier material" is absolutely ridiculous.
The Vines can play whatever songs they want to play. If they want to, they can play a set list that's solely comprised of Tom Lehrer covers.
The only obligation that The Vines had at the Big Day Out was to perform a 55 minute set and they did that. They were under no obligation to play their 'hits' and they certainly were under no obligation to play only hard rocking songs.

See: music comes in many different forms and all of it is valid despite how inappropriate you believe it to be and, as such, a "slew of slower, supposedly artier material" still counts as music whether you enjoyed it or not.
How arrogant are you that you feel that you have the right to be telling this band what type of show they shouldn't be playing?

So, jerk-pants: feel as disappointed as you want but don't for a second dare to think that The Vines owe you anything other than the 55 minute performance that they were scheduled to play and that they, whether you liked it or not, delivered.


Belvedere Jehosophat

Written on Tuesday, 4 February 2003

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