The Wax Conspiracy

His Hat is a Funny Shape, His Heart is a Brick

Spotted by an investment banker and digested with his technician girlfriend was the story of a newly hired mail-delivery boy.
Normally, this would be of no concern to anyone, however, for some inexplicable reason our hero, despite having the most menial of tasks, was wearing a full business suit, garnering the stares of the most important of business types.

Two opinions were born; both equally valid, though set in complete opposition. If we were to trace these discordant lines we would notice subtle arcs slashing across the canvas of our minds, and we would find that we'd traveled full circle and were, once again, staring each other in the eye.

One of us saw a man who readily dressed regally to perform a lowly task; himself believing that a job - any job - could and should be a source of pride.
The other of us saw a man duped, lied to by heartless management & told that his brand new job was more prestigious than it actually was.

Wherever the flash of neurons, the lurch of impressions takes us, we find ourselves at the same place; that mediocre hell where human termites serve authorities not their own, and, terrified, flee slobbering human dogs.

"Soon," he said, aware of the staring eyes, "there will be a period of uninterrupted happiness... but that time will never come." Then he turned and walked away, his body creating a now familiar arc.

and those, now called the faithful, fell to their knees and worshipped an absentee landlord

Belvedere Jehosophat

Written on Tuesday, 18 May 2004

The Wax Conspiracy

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