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Guy Can't Rock, Makes the Others Roll

Australian Idol are now down to their last three performers and the generated hype and folly are still floating around the place. Among them is the theory that the producers of the show will try and make afro straddler Guy Sebastian the ultimate winner. The basis behind this comes from the fans of the other singers in the competition.

Controversy is bound to make anything worthwhile. Like a night's segment on Channel 7's Today Tonight program. In "the story Channel 10 doesn't want you to know about" they presented their version of a scandal in the voting lines for Cosima DeVito. One which scaled the heights of fever pitch with claims behind the scenes players were operating the phone service handling the votes. 1 out of 3 callers were rejected and dejected. Yet when the votes were read, Paulini Curuenavuli was the one to fall by the way side.

So left in the competition are Shannon Noll, Cosima DeVito and Guy Sebastian. Rumours were bubbling just under the water like effluent and stubborn turds that with Guy's inability to sing an actual rock song, the upcoming Rock and Roll night was switched over into a 60s theme night.

Ethan Switch

Written on Wednesday, 29 October 2003

The Wax Conspiracy

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