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Crumpled and charred jump start of Anzac holiday road toll

At least two over eager motorists from New South Wales have already put their own lives and miseries to an end. Hours in a day before officials started the legitimate tallying of bodies and strewn parts on roads and highways for the long Anzac weekend holiday period.

Breaking his neck, body and pretty much any hope of having to deal with a taxed society suffering under voluntary student unionism, a young 17-year-old. Sending himself packing head on against another vehicle driven by a 63-year-old woman. The metallic beasts and the woman were not the worse off in that confrontation at Emerald Beach.

With the death of the youth coming just as the clocks turned over midnight today, it's a hopeful waste to what might be a roaring start to the numbers on the official side of counting.

Trumping the teenager in both style and hours, a man was killed in Northmead after a short run in chasing the police. With Smokey in pursuit of the runaway, the man soon found himself behind his would be pursuers. Ramming on the rear of the police car, the driver lost control going for a Hollywood spin tumble over a median strip. Unlike a rolling stone, the chase and life ended shortly after the when the man's Ford utility brought on the fire with a mighty blaze. Smells of burning flesh soon accompanying.

Despite the hopelessness of the situation, it may very well be the sparks needed to set off a chain reaction of numbers with other motorists fully aware of the date at hand.

Ethan Switch

Written on Friday, 22 April 2005

The Wax Conspiracy

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