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Bush Bombs Bali Baying Beef Bar

When the anniversary of 9-11 made its way triumphantly in 2002 the press media were keen to roll out collectable series of images gracing the covers. Each day the splash would feature a new old angle on the event of 2001.

Some are now saying that instead of this being "Australia's 9-11" it is more likely a ploy by the print media to capitalise on the fever pitch generated by the recent auction of Nicholas Cage's comic collection. Other camps are suggesting that perhaps this "Terror in Bali" is nothing more than George W. Bush's attempt to quieten midget minister Howard of Australia's attempt to weasle into the beef market so comfortably subsidised by the American Hand Puppet.

Speaking of print media... TV Week seemingly attracts among the greatest number of ill informed net users ever. On each issue one to two pages are reserved for wild ranging general questions relating to of all things television. Readers are invited to ask the crew using nothing more than the email All answers given back to the reader are items which can be easily found on the net. As the net is an international medium—often filled with much noise—the writers/editors who answer these questions make it out to seem as though they haven't consulted such a wonderous device. But hey, who actually questions the existence of a tv guide that can otherwise be free?

Ethan Switch

Written on Thursday, 17 October 2002

The Wax Conspiracy



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